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February 2018
Forum Registration
Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:25 pm by Kakujitsu
To all [0rg] members, forum registration is mandatory within a week of the steam group invitation. Anyone not registered on the forum will be removed from the group and will lose any clan privileges and admin rights.

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Thu Nov 04, 2010 5:41 pm by Kakujitsu
Rupture is one of the founding members of .0rg Hes been with me and the clan since day one. A very skilled and funny player its come to my attention that hes been misunderstood. N!gga was a movement started by Rupture. When he uses the word N!gga its not ment in a derogatory or disrespectful way, it is a general term for friend or acquaintance taken from Hip-Hop culture. Heads up Rupture is crazy …

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 Portal 2 Maps

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PostSubject: Portal 2 Maps   Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:09 am

Hello, and again, welcome to the .org forum. We are very pleased you have clicked 'Chicken Works'.

These maps I have made recently (within the last 2 months from posting this thread) for Portal.


My first map for Portal 2 (and my first for Portal). This actually took me around 2 days to make, which is highly unusual, and it surprised me when a friend who helped me test it said I should post it on Thinking with portals. If you haven't visited the site you should! It has a lot of good maps hosted there.

Here is a video showing it (don't look if you don't want the puzzle to be spoiled) here.

You can download this map here.


Me second Portal 2 map I made (this one however took around a week to make). I found that this one was a bit more difficult to make seeing as I re-did the chamber about 3 times. The puzzle room used to be much bigger seeing as it was splitted by height instead of separated by walls. Also I had my brother test it (who just happens to be a game developer) and had ultimate amounts of criticism.

Here is a video showing it (don't look if you don't want the puzzle to be spoiled) here.

You can download this map here.


My third map which I made for the ThinkingWithPortals mapping initiative contest! This took 2 weeks to make and I have to say that I was overly content with how it turned out. It was good fun to make and I hope that the judges liked it too ;)

Here is a video showing it (don't look if you don't want the puzzle to be spoiled) here.

You can download this map here.

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Portal 2 Maps
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